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Why Are Not You Using Your Spa


When You first got your spa you could not wait to get back home and get into it. You would plan parties around it. You bragged to all your friends about the wonderful benefit you were getting from soaking every night in warm therapeutic water. You needed less sleep. When you did go to sleep you slept soundly with no stiff joints or aching muscles. You woke up refreshed and invigorated. But now when you look out in the backyard, the spa is just where you stack stuff to get it out of the way when you mow.

Now when you entertain you still use the spa only now you just use it as a back up picnic table. You put the food on it so as not to clutter the table. You probably do not even remember the last time you were in it. What happened? It happens so slowly that most people do not even realize it is happening. When you first get the spa you use it religiously. It was a central focal point of your regular routine. After while though it becomes a little bit more work to get into your spa. Remember the frog and boiling water analogy. If you toss a frog into hot water it jumps right out.

However if you put the frog in cool water he will stay. Even when you begin to heat the water the frog will stay in the water even up to the point he dies because of the heat. Why, because the change happens slowly and the frog never notices the change until it is too late. Well this is the same thing. You are the frog. Only now instead of staying in the water while it heats up, you are staying out of hot water even though you love the way it makes you feel. The reason is that spa cover got heavy. It got heavy slowly over time and you did not notice. It just got to be more of a struggle to get into the spa. The more effort you had to put into getting in the spa the less desirable it got. You switched from using it every night to just on weekends.

You justified it by saying something like, “The new has worn off.” Right. My muscles only ache on the weekends too. Rush hour traffic must be better where you are. No, the truth is the heavy spa cover just made it less inviting. You might even have said, “I am too tired.” Too Tired to get a total body massage? Or just too tired to get the heavy spa cover off? Eventually you skip a weekend and wait even longer to get into the one thing that made you feel so good. When you finally did get back to it, the darn cover probably took two of you to get it off. Then you decided that you really only used the one side, so no sense taking the heavy spa cover all the way off. We just flip it back half way. I cannot tell you how many people I hear this from.

You pay to heat the whole spa. You used to brag about all the different jets and how great it was to move from one to the other until your whole body just was totally ministered to. Quit justifying a few inches of saturated foam and letting it keep you from the therapy that used to make your whole outlook on life brighter. Get a better spa cover. Not another piece of foam that will end up heavy again, or broken, or sag into an oversized bird bath, or blow away in the wind. Shop around for a different kind of spa cover that will never get heavy, or break.

Hot Tub Covers that will insulate right from the water surface. Get back to using that spa. You will live better, longer and smile more. You can thank me later.

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  Published Date - April 22 2008
  Total Views - 913
  Total Votes - 3
  Average Rating - 1
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  Mr. Jeff Sliger
The Author is a business owner with 20+ years experience. Please check out Spa CoversFind a Spa Cover review.
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