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What Is Annulment And Legal Separation?

Marriage is an institution that is meant to offer different solution to everybody life that is social recognition, procreation, sense of sympathy and show signs basis family. It's therefore important to base your marriage at this level and pillars. On any circumstances that this factor may not be met both parties may find ways to dissolve or consider their marriage null and void. In Los Angeles family law it recognizes prenuptial agreement set before any marriage and if they are not meet the agreement may be considered and implemented according to what it states and inline with the current family law in los angles.

There two process of going about this situation as outline by the family law in los Angeles, legal separation or annulment and divorce even though they may seem similar they are two different court process that have wide legal expertise at any given time. Legal separation is in line with divorce but has some different that can be exposed like parties that seek to go for legal separation are usually not to remarry. Most of them end up going for marriage dissolution at the end which increase the cost of separation, which may not be wise to many people who are looking for ways to save they costs in the process, the family law in los Angeles requires both parties to agree on how their assets be divided, parenting action to be adapted if you have children in your marriage or any other factor outlined in your prenuptial agreement. The are options that may render a couple to opt for legal separation like insurance policy that covers both spouses, religious factor, Christians do not approves divorces therefore you may consider a legal separation instead of divorce, since your relationship is still valid and life.

Annulment is a process the a declares a marriage null and void, this is deemed as where a there court does some research as outlined in the family law in Los Angeles, there are various aspects that may bring the issue of marriage being annulled one is if any of the marriage partner was underage in time of marriage the court has no option but to term the marriage null and void, that illustrates that the marriage never happened and no claim can be made at this time. when your marriage is annulled you cannot claim any benefits like spousal support since the law has cancelled any point of contact with you and bear no responsibility to take care of you, however there are other marriage law that are looked upon before the jury make their decision, because of certain common marriage law, the time spent together may restrict the judge from annulling any marriage further more if in your marriage you have children with your partner you can have your application to have marriage annulled rejected, for you will be required to take care of the children, instead the jury may give you option to take up marriage dissolution process that will hold you responsible for spousal support and child support.
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  Published Date - December 8 2010
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  Mr. Adam Smith
I am Hossein Berenji, writing on family law, child support and custody issue. Bookmark this article because you must like my future posts on Family Law in Los Angeles | Family Law Beverly Hills and more.
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