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  • Hottest trends in bridesmaid fashion
  • [2012-12-15 ]
    No matter if you follow the hottest trends in bridesmaid fashion or not, before you start the lookout for a perfect dress for each and every bridesmaid of yours, keep a few golden rules of thumb.... Read More...
  • New wedding fashion trends
  • [2012-12-15 ]
    special occasion fashion is a fashion world with the life of its own. That is why there are fashion journalists who specialize only in this particular branch of fashion bring the newest trends.... Read More...
  • When choosing wedding rings
  • [2012-04-11 ]
    A wedding ring is a symbol of love and eternal bonding. Choosing a wedding ring is a very precious moment of life. ... Read More...
  • Email Marketing and the Role of Wedding Planner in it.
  • [2012-02-20 ]
    For years the best way a wedding planner could get by was through making an appearance in Bridal expos and bridal magazines, placing ads in these magazines and through word of mouth recommendations. ... Read More...
  • Set Maximum Trendiness with Diamond Wedding bands
  • [2011-12-16 ]
    When looking for wedding bands, one will get confused due to the innumerable options available in front of them. There are numerous designs and styles of wedding bands available in the market these da... Read More...
  • Pink Wedding Dresses that expresses your true love
  • [2011-01-12 ]
  • Green Bridesmaid Dresses
  • [2011-01-10 ]
    As we know, the color of bridesmaid dresses is very important. And green is a great color choice when choosing a bridesmaid dress. The color green can compliment most wedding color schemes. ... Read More...
  • Black bridesmaid dress: a classic addition
  • [2011-01-05 ]
    As an honored bridesmaid, what to wear for the wedding? Because choosing appropriate bridesmaid dresses is not an easy job, what do you think about Black bridesmaid dress? ... Read More...
  • some tips for Wedding Dresses
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    Whether you plan to be on diet before the wedding day, or just want to find a dress that can fit your plump figure, ... Read More...
  • Itís Party Time! But Which Hall is the Best for Me?
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    For most people, banquet halls are the place where your dreams can become a reality. Banquet halls are place you can live your life as you want to.... Read More...
  • The Right Vintage Wedding Dress?
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    Wedding dresses are a very important choice for every bride, and that is still true for a vintage wedding dress.... Read More...
  • Sliver Wedding Dress- For Your Special Day
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    What are your thoughts about wearing a silver wedding dress instead of a white wedding dress? It seems weird in traditional wedding custom, while for an informal wedding... Read More...
  • How to Choose a Wedding Dress Correctly? Choosing your wedding dress correctly is not a very difficu
  • [2010-12-22 ]
    Choosing your wedding dress correctly is not a very difficult issue... Read More...
  • Semi mount ring has become the latest trend in the ring business and there are many trying it.
  • [2010-06-23 ]
    Diamond engagement rings can be a womanís best friend. So get set your girlfriends some good gifts in the form of diamond rings free of cost which will get a smile on their faces.... Read More...
  • Chic Collections of Wedding Womens Shoes
  • [2010-06-23 ]
    You\'ve gotten the invitation for your friends\' wedding, happily circled the date on your calendar and started shopping for their gift, when all of a sudden it hits you. ... Read More...
  • Platform Bridal Shoes Will Enhance Your Wedding Look
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    So this is it, your big day! You have the dress, you have the veil and now you need the platform bridal shoes! ... Read More...
  • Yellow bridesmaid dress so sunny and bright you just cant help but smile
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    These bridesmaids look like total babes in their shimmery yellow bridesmaid dress.... Read More...
  • Yellow bridesmaid dress for the cheerful bridesmaid
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Yellow means joy and happiness. People of high intellect favor yellow. Fashion trends come and go, but you ought to be happy that yellow bridesmaid dress is hot this year. ... Read More...
  • Where to Look for Tea Length Mother of the Bride Dresses
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Full length gowns are always very formal looking and very stately. They are best worn during evening balls and even extravagant events like weddings. ... Read More...
  • Where to find a Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Bridesmaids are members of the bride\'s wedding party in a wedding. A bridesmaid is typically a young woman, and often a close friend or sister. ... Read More...
  • Walk out in style down the aisle with this stunning strapless bridesmaid dresses
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Strapless bridesmaid dresses are very popular this spring wedding. These dresses are part of the new trends that have recently become a fad with the bridesmaids.... Read More...
  • Vera Wang bridesmaid dress for the smart bridesmaid
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    The Vera Wang bridesmaid dress collection brings a new sense of fashion and versatility to the tradition of the bridesmaid.... Read More...
  • Think about tea length bridesmaid dresses
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Whichever the length may be, tea length bridesmaids dresses are gaining popularity in the wedding scene as it is suitable for destination weddings or outdoor weddings. ... Read More...
  • The Sexy Strapless Bridesmaid Dress
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    A strapless bridesmaid dress is probably the sexiest type of gown you can wear to a wedding, a cocktail party, a ball or even the prom. ... Read More...
  • The best pick mothers of the bride dresses to fit in for a special day
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    The big day, which you had always dreamt of, is approaching. Your little girl is getting ready to take her wedding vows. Certainly, you would like to look great on the day. ... Read More...
  • Teal bridesmaid dresses are the hottest trend
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Teal bridesmaid dresses like Ann Taylor Women\'s Aqua Garden Silk Crossover Bridesmaid dress is a flattering bridesmaid dress in silk.... Read More...
  • Tea length bridesmaid dresses is the seasons most appealing fashion statements
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    It\'s often difficult to find a good, appealing yet cheap tea length bridesmaid dresses that can fit well in your budget and at the same time add that classic touch to your wedding.... Read More...
  • Sunny days and special occasions are two good reasons to wear stylish white bridesmaid dress
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    In recent years black made the grade for the bridesmaids fashion but we think there is nothing prettier than fresh, crisp and stylish white bridesmaid dress.... Read More...
  • Spice up your looks with purple bridesmaid dresses
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    The perfect balance of red recreation and blue calm, these purple bridesmaid dresses would certainly put you in the league of high fashion!... Read More...
  • Spice up your best friends wedding with beautiful white bridesmaid dresses
  • [2010-05-26 ]
    Contrary to popular belief, white bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous and they are among one of the perfect colour choices for a wedding. ... Read More...
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