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Tips On Hosting The Perfect Tea Party


The luxurious attraction of a tea party is starting to revitalize, especially as more and more people try to find ways to escape from their hectic hustle and bustle lifestyles. As the nostalgic allure of traditional English tea time grows, many people are beginning to host their own tea parties. There are some things to consider before setting up your party, however, so here are some ideas to get you on your way to hosting the perfect tea party.

First, itís imperative you have fine china tea sets. Royal Patrician teapots are perfect if you really want to awe your guests. Using a beautiful set of Royal Patrician fine china will really set the mood properly and take you and your guests to the old days of royalty. Donít use those old tea cups and saucers you used in college.

Consider setting up some sort of theme to make the event even more interesting. Itís exciting to dress up in old-fashion attire or act as characters from a book or movie, especially if it adds to the overall feel of your tea party. Think outside the box and give your guests something to talk about when they leave!

Having a menu of available foods and snacks can really make you feel like you are in a different place. Make sure you offer elegant cakes and simple food items to give your company something to eat during their stay.

Have someone serve you and your guests so you donít have to. It will make your event much more exciting and relaxing. Maybe have your teenager wait on you; but donít expect them to do it for free.

Use candles for lighting! Itís amazing what this traditional way of illumination can add to the overall ambiance. You can really get a feel of how it used to be!

If you really want to go all out, consider purchasing some antique furniture, everything from chairs to tables, to really make your tea party feel sincere and traditional. The atmosphere will really set the mood.

So start planning your event and think about using some of these tips to add a little excitement to your tea party!
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  Published Date - August 4 2008
  Total Views - 652
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  Mr. Terry Scott
Terry Scott is the owner of Belle Mae Gifts, an online retail store that specializes in fine tea cups and saucers, custom gift-giving and personalized gifts. Terry is a successful business owner and has continued to expand Belle Mae Gifts by networking with companies like Royal Patrician, to feature Royal Patrician teapots and other popular wholesalers of fine china tea sets
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