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Sydney Oncology Nurse Jobs For The Patient Nurse

There are many risks associated with chemotherapy treatment even in spite of the treatment providing cancer patients with a greater chance of survival. Some of the complications which develop during the treatment cycle can be life threatening and permanent, and in some instances years later can cause secondary cancers. It is wise to consult with an oncologist and ask as many questions as possible before making a decision to opt for chemotherapy. However, there are thousands of cancer patients that benefit from chemotherapy treatment and never experience any complications. Some patient’s experience temporary peripheral nerve damage from chemotherapy drugs such as the taxanes, and experience symptoms such as tingling or numbness of the feet and hands. Once a patient on chemotherapy treatment experiences unusual sensory symptoms, they need to make the oncologist aware immediately. The treatment may be stopped or the treatment protocol changed to prevent severe or permanent nerve damage.

Cancer patients on chemotherapy treatment are monitored regularly and blood counts are also done regularly. In some instances the patient may develop thrombocytopenia, whereby the platelets drop too low and causes bruising or excessive bleeding. Other common symptoms are severe fatigue and low red blood cell counts which are caused by anaemia. The chances of infection are greater when the WC count is low, and in most instances the patient will require a white cell booster and may be given additional chemotherapy or the treatment may be delayed for a period of time. Oncology nurse jobs Sydney, are required to collaborate with other multidisciplinary healthcare members as well as share their expertise and knowledge. Oncology nurses have to develop care plans for each patient as well as be able to treat and identify cancer health related issues. Nurses also need to be able to provide supportive resources to the patient and the family, and improve treatment protocols by carrying out research, educate cancer patients and their families with regards to expectations. Nurses are also required to document a patient’s response to all treatments and medications and record their progress. Many of the medical facilities are understaffed in Australia, which means oncology nurses are required to be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, although they typically work forty hours a week.

Due to the delicate health conditions of cancer patients, oncology nurses must adhere to strict confidentiality policies at all times. Many patients that have undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer have reported chemo brain of which causes mental impairment, and in some instances long after they have had chemotherapy treatment such as experiencing difficulties with multi tasking, concentration and memory. Many patients also suffer scarred and collapsed veins due to the drugs being administered IV.
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  Published Date - March 27 2013
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  Mr. Plexus Recruitment
Randy Ortan write content related to job recruitment in medical sector. Many people get benefits by his content related to Oncology nurse jobs Sydney.
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