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Select The Best Carrier For Your Canine Friend


A dog carrier is your best choice when it comes to traveling long distances with your little friend. It is basically a padded bag with sufficient space to accommodate your pet comfortably. They are of varied sizes, shapes and styles. The market is flocked with different types of dog carriers like dog strollers, dog crates, designer dog carriers and the newly fashionable dog backpack. Which one you choose depends largely upon the size and the breed of the dog you have; and the lifestyle you wish to include your dog in.

With lots of choices for a dog carrier there are some factors that should be noted before buying one. You should make sure that the carrier you purchase has:

1. A safety snaps to clip onto your dog's collar to prevent your dog from jumping out.

2. Adequate ventilation at both ends of the carrier at least, preferably also at the top of the dog carrier.

3. A comfortable and easy clean interior.

4. Storage pockets for treats and other necessities is a nice extra feature Available at affordable prices, these dog cages and dog carriers are suitable for all type of dog breeds, irrespective of their size and color of their coat. Whether you own a small pug or a medium sized Labrador, a dog carrier will help you have your pet close to your side at all time with minimum inconvenience. The best part is that dog carriers are now available with wheels that make it easier than ever to pull along!

A soft sided, ergonomically designed dog cage with padded dog shoulder straps is ideal. However, one of the most important things to look out for when purchasing dog carriers is size. A small dog carrier is best for dogs that weight around 8 pounds; while a medium dog carrier can carry 15 pounds of canine weight; larger dog carriers are capable of withstanding 30 pounds of dog weight.

When you have a dog that weighs 15 pounds or more it will difficult to carry that dog in an over the shoulder carrier. You might opt for a suitcase style carrier in this case. If your dog weighs over 9 pounds, you might as well forget about a fashion carrier. You will need a practical carrier. The dog world of fashion does cater to the smaller teacup breeds. These are dogs anywhere from 2 to 7 pounds in weight. If your dog fits this category you will have a wider array of choices and fashion styles.

Whatever you do, don't buy a carrier that is too large for your dog. You want a carrier that your dog can snuggle and stretch in comfortably. Place a soft blanket or piece of soft fleece material and your dog's favorite toy in the carrier. Your budget will determine what type and how many carriers you can buy.

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  Published Date - October 21 2008
  Total Views - 584
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  Mrs. Jenny Gregorich
Poochieheaven is a luxury dog boutique that strives to give your pampered pooch the highest quality dog apparel products available. It has grown to a great online store to buy luxury dog clothes, dog beds, dog carriers, dog accessories, and dog leads for even the most spoiled pooches.
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    A dog carrier is your best choice when it comes to traveling long distances with your little friend. It is basically a padded bag with sufficient space to accommodate your pet comfortably. Read More...
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