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Overview Of The Uses And Features Of A Gas Booster System

An overview

Air-driven gas boosters are machines that are used for the oil-free compression of industrial gases, oxygen, and air. On similar lines, a gas booster system is custom made assembly comprising a single or multiple gas boosters. It also features other components such as pressure regulating devices, a control panel, gauges, filters, vents, relief valves, high-pressure hoses, and so on.

In short, when you place an order for gas booster systems, your chosen distributor or manufacturer will assemble the components based on your specific requirement, test the system, and ship the entire system to your facility. When it arrives, it is ready for turnkey installation or connection.

Such systems can be easily designed to be used as portable or stationary units. They can be safely used for a various filling, inflation, as well as leak and pressure testing applications. There are a myriad of commercial and industrial uses where it is employed for delivering high pressure gases, oxygen, or air. Because they need no electrical power to operate, they are perfect for use in explosion-proof areas.

Features and application of a gas booster system

These systems can be safely used for increasing gas pressures up to 21,750psi for most inert gases such as nitrogen, helium, argon, ethylene, neon, carbon dioxide, and so on. The systems can also be used with modifications for boosting hazardous gases such as Hydrogen, Natural Gas etc. They can also be used for delivering high-pressure oxygen up to 5,000psi. Many industries are increasingly opting for gas booster systems as an alternative to stationary type compressors and other mechanical systems for delivering high pressure gas. These are surprisingly easy to install and since they have been pre-tested by your distributor, only a few rudimentary tests need to be carried out at your facility.

What also works in the favor of air-driven booster systems is the fact that they operate without electrical power. This makes them safe for use in critical oil and gas applications that need explosion-proof machinery, such as offshore.

There are thousands of standard and innovative applications that can be realized with the use of gas boosters systems. For instance, these units can be a keyenablerin accumulator charging, compressing gas to the desired level for gas-assisted plastic injection molding operations, transferring oxygen from a single large cylinder into several small cylinders for life-saving applications, Helium leak detection applications and much more.

Nearly every aspect of the functioning of a maximator gas booster can be customized. For example, certain applications need special vent ports, seals, and cleaning. Other systems may face problems such as a very low available gas supply pressure but a high desired output pressure. No matter how unique or special your application is, a well designed gas booster can address all of your concerns.
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  Published Date - July 14 2013
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  Mr. Peter Duffy
Now days various types of gas boosters are used to boost gas and air pressure. Boosters may be driven by an electric motor, hydraulics, low or high pressure air or manually by a lever system. Check out online for maxpro and maximator air amplifier design that can fulfill all your industrial needs. Maxpro high pressure systems are convenient to install and use.
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