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My First Date - Why To Shy


A date with a beautiful girl of my college. She had not only a beautiful face but also wonderful sense too.

I remembered the day when I asked to her about the date. This was around 5 o’clock and we were at our college canteen. We knew each other from last one year but I never got guts to ask her about a date. That day my group friends pushed me to asked to her about to be my date. It was like a big task for me which I needed to complete successfully (It was the question of my dignity and pride). She was set with her group of friends, I went to her and asked for to be my date and surprisingly she agreed (even her friend were around us).

And finally the day came when I had to meet with my date. I had dress up with a best way, I could. We decided to meet in a famous restaurant of the city. I was in time but see was five minute late. She told me sorry to being late but it was not an issue. We choose a table in little corner, so we could talk more comfortably.

I started the talk as my friend suggested me that first start give you a more confidence and I can be made mental domination on her. She was more talkative than me there for most of time she spoke and I was listening, but I was enjoying every bite of her words, which was coming from her beautiful lips. We ordered the specialty meal of the restaurant and enjoy eating it too. we sent approx two hour together and before leave the table I gave her beautiful gift to her which she accepted gracefully and in return she also gave me a gift (I don’t want to disclose that what gifts those were, you know it is personal).

My first date was small but sweetest date and today that girl is my batter-half and we are still live with same love and affection, even after ten year of our marriage.                       

Tips: To become a winner in your date you need to be confident, be punctual, dress up, well behave, and a good listener. 

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  Published Date - November 21 2007
  Total Views - 1200
  Total Votes - 16
  Average Rating - 1
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  Mrs. Shalu Chowdary
Dating is always a fun when you go for with a decent moto and objective. Your first date might be the wonderful moment that you can not miss in your whole life. Dont let it be the worst. read and learn how to date. cheers.
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