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  • What color are yours? Red, Yellow, Blue?
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    We do not know this most of the time, but we are not seeing reality as it is. We have been put some tinted glasses which are changing the way we see life. ... Read More...
  • Are spirituality and enjoying life exclusive?
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    Most people embracing spirituality, usually identify themselves as being only spiritual tend to reject the gifts of life, others tend to be identified with their ego. We need both!... Read More...
  • Be Motivate and Positive to Life
  • [2010-09-21 ]
    Every people will experience getting to a low point, but you can try to recognize it and do what you can do to pull yourself out of it.... Read More...
  • Hypnosis – Controlling a Person’s Mind or a Sham?
  • [2009-11-07 ]
    People that have had hypnosis as a form of mind control will enthusiastically inform you that it is indeed quite effective. Then you have the group that has not had the best experience with hypnotism and will tell you that there is nothing to it and it is completely a sham.... Read More...
  • Love is THE answer – every day of the year
  • [2009-09-14 ]
    How do you face cancer, death, a bad childhood, horrible things people do to you, natural disasters, or a bad economy? This article offers some answers.... Read More...
  • Myron Golden: A Blue Print for success
  • [2009-09-05 ]
    I will never forget the first time I met Myron. It was at a Business Breakfast For Entrepreneur\\\\\\\'s with a Card Exchange in Harrisburg,... Read More...
  • nature of who you really are is nothing at all
  • [2009-09-01 ]
    The true nature of who you really are is nothing at all. In the experience of being something, you move away from this state of nothingness. It is not possible to experience being nothing for that r... Read More...
  • Are you in a Synchronistic Flow & Do You Manifest Effortlessly?
  • [2009-09-01 ]
    The Principle of Synchronicity: Synchronicity occurs whenever circumstances unfold in a way to beautifully complement and assist one another, creating an end result that perhaps exceeds one’s expectat... Read More...
  • Law of Attraction (LOA) & Magical Thinking
  • [2009-08-29 ]
    Magical thinking is one of the hallmarks not only of pathological narcissism, but of a panoply of mental health disorders, including a few personality disorders, most notably the SCHIZOTYPAL personality disorder. Two examples of narcissistic magical thinking: ... Read More...
  • Life experiences are the vehicles used by motivational speakers
  • [2009-08-29 ]
    Life experiences are the vehicles used by motivational speakers. Traveling the highway of life offers people opportunities and challenges that fuel these experiences. Rich histories of lessons learned... Read More...
  • How To Motivate Employees: three Powerful Tips To Ignite Your Employees’ Motivation
  • [2009-08-28 ]
    If you know how to motivate employees, you could take your company’s earnings and reputation on a whole new level of success anytime. Here are some effective employee motivation techniques to help you... Read More...
  • How does one feel more inspired everyday?
  • [2009-08-25 ]
    How does one feel more inspired everyday? Inspiration is the stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity. Inspiration comes from the Latin, inspirare which means “To bre... Read More...
  • Why You Should Show Gratitude To Yourself To Avoid Failure
  • [2009-08-21 ]
    Have you ever watched or heard about a person’s success story and believed that you could never do what he/she has done? Or have you seen someone come up with a revolutionary idea and thought to yours... Read More...
  • How To Be A Mind Reader
  • [2009-08-15 ]
    Do you want to be a mind reader? Well, lets get the disappointing part out of the way: You won\'t be able to hear the thoughts of others, and there is little evidence that anyone has ever had this kind... Read More...
  • Enhance Your Social Techniques
  • [2009-07-29 ]
    Social skills are one of the most important set of abilities one can have; particularly if you are involved in the network marketing business.... Read More...
  • Is Perception Managing You
  • [2009-05-18 ]
    Politicians use it, public personalities, influential leaders, top businessmen, and generally, people of power.... Read More...
  • Tips for Your Daily Devotions
  • [2009-04-13 ]
    Great daily devotions begin with the right attitude. You cannot have successful daily devotions if your mind is clouded with the burdens of life.... Read More...
  • The Natural Way to Sell
  • [2009-04-09 ]
    Aristotle says excellence is a habit and like any other skill, can be learned and acquired naturally. Selling is also an art and like any art, it requires practice and more practice. ... Read More...
  • The Two Worlds Of Kobe Bryant
  • [2009-03-30 ]
    If you frequently found yourself easily distracted from your tasks, you can learn this technique which is inspired by Kobe Bryant.... Read More...
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