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Microsoft 70-680 Eaxm Braindumps

About Microsoft 70-680 Exam
Candidates for 70-680 Exam operate in computing

environments that use Microsoft Windows 7 as a desktop operating system in an enterprise

environment. Candidates should have at least one year of experience in the IT field, as well

as experience implementing and administering any Windows client operating system in a

networked environment.

Candidates for this exam operate in computing environments that use Microsoft Windows 7 as a

desktop operating system in an enterprise environment. Candidates should have at least one

year of experience in the IT field, as well as experience implementing and administering any

Windows client operating system in a networked environment.
Candidates should be able to install, deploy, and upgrade to Windows 7, including ensuring

hardware and software compatibility. Additionally, candidates should be able to configure

pre-installation and post-installation system settings, Windows security features, network

connectivity applications included with Windows 7, and mobile computing. Candidates should

also be able to maintain systems, including monitoring for and resolving performance and

reliability issues. Candidates should have a basic understanding of Windows PowerShell


If you want to upgrade your MCSA 2003 or MCSE 2003 to MCITP, which upgrade path would you

like to choose? Take the upgrade exams, or take MCTS server 2008 exams?
Maybe some candidates for MCITP SA don’t know how to upgrade their MCSA 2003 or MCSE 2003 to

MCITP SA.So, we’ll list the upgrade paths to MCITP, if you have known these, and you can

skip this.
If you want to upgrade MCSA 2003 to MCITP SA, you have two choices.
1. Upgrade exams for MCITP.You know ,if you pass

exam 70-680 ,your MCSA on windows Server 2003 can be upgraded to MCTS credentials(MCTS

:Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration and Windows Server 2008 Network

Infrastructure configuration).That is to say, upgrade exam 70-648 is combination of MCTS 70-

640 and 70-642 .So ,generally speaking ,70-648 is harder .After your passing 70-648 or

getting both of MCTS credentials ,only if you pass 70-646 ,you will get your MCITP :SA

(Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008).
2. Take MCTS sever 2008 exams instead of the upgrade paths. That is to say, you can take any

order of 70-640 and 70-642 exams to get the above two MCTS credentials. In my opinion, this

way is easier.
Which way would you prefer?
Personally, the easier route would be to just do 70- 640 and 70-642 exams individually.

Upgrade exams are always harder! The upgrade exam 70-648 is combination of 2 exams and far

harder than the individual exams. Unless you have enough experience on the technology Windows

Server 2008, you‘d better not take 70-648 instead of 70-640 and 70-642.So for me it wouldn’

t have made a difference if I did the exams separately from a number of exams point of view.
There are several reasons below:
1. When you study the 70-648 upgrade exams, you can found most of materials including MS

Press books for 70-640 objectives or topic area very vague and a bit lost.
2. To pass 70-648, you have to pass each section of 70-640 and 70-642,As each section is

basically an exam on it own right ,otherwise you’ll fail the whole exam. Generally speaking,

if you want to pass 70-648, you should have the ability to pass 640 and 642 exams. If you

have trouble studying for basically those exams at the same time, you’d better give up the

upgrade exam and study for the individual exams, which will help you concentrate on one set

of objectives rather splitting you between the two.
3. To get MCITP :SA ,We can get to know it is unwise to take 70-648 ,from those who had

experiencing on upgrade exams.Generally speaking ,Many of candidates with MCSA 2003 would try

the upgrade exams three or more times to pass 70-648.
So, in my opinion, the easiest route to get MCITP is to take the exams separately for those

with MCSE 2003 or MCSA 2003

As noted above, 70-680 Exam counts towards the MCITP

Exam: Enterprise Administrator certification. However, we have experienced some system

issues which have delayed the awarding of the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator certification

based on the passing of 70-680. We should have those issues resolved before the end of

September, 2009.
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  Published Date - June 23 2010
  Total Views - 861
  Total Votes - 2
  Average Rating - 2
  Comments - 1
  Miss. Liu Han
The MCTS Certification has been designed for professionals who analyze the business requirements. The autor devote herself to research the problems and knowledge of MCSE Certification.If you have any questions about MCSE,you can comments on the article the autor publiced.
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