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Learning Games For Your Children Toy Building Sets And Card Games


There is something special about children and their toys. During my youth, I canít recall a girl who didnít own a Barbie or a boy who didnít run about the garden wielding action figures to take over the world. LEGO sets were scattered all over the floors of every playroom I came into as a kid, including my own.

We would build amazing things with those LEGO sets; tall buildings for our Barbie doll or stuffed toys to live in, a store for them to shop in; the potential was only limited by our imaginations. While toys like these donít perfectly fit into the category of educational toys, they have the ability to show children some valuable lessons.

Toys of all shapes and sizes and genres are important to children, even those that parents may not at first believe to be educational toys. This is as true today as it was 30 years ago when I sat playing strategy games with my sister. It is through play that children learn best, and they develop their imaginations and their critical thinking skills. While parents may think that only learning toys have the ability to teach a child anything, that would be a mistake. In essence, most toys are learning games when you realize that a child learns from free play.

Playing card games, while providing hours of entertainment, also work on developing a childís reasoning skills as well as coping skills. Not everyone is a winner in classic board games, and occasionally losing at something is just as necessary for a child to learn as winning is. When there is a winner and a loser in a board game, one player is humbled while the other, hopefully, learns to be a polite winner.

With the assistance of an attentive parent, children will learn these skills. So popular are certain board games that they are being modified in ways that they can be played in the car. Travel games may not be as energizing as the original board games, but it sure keeps a child busy during the trip!

Since the 1940ís, children and their parents have spent hours of bonding time over scale model sets . The wonderfully colorful blocks in a Lego set bring out the very best in a childís imagination, and keep them busy for days. What is so great about scale model sets is that just one set could produce a number of different items, from a person to a city.

Over the years, Lego sets have grown to where there are now sets mainly for girls, such as the Belville line. As expected, boys love Lego sets like Bionicles or Star Wars. But youngsters can learn ingenuity and originality through Lego sets, and thatís what really matters.

Need more understanding of the value of Lego sets as an educational toy? Studies prove that children grow new neural connections when building with scale model sets . By only playing with their Lego set, kids also learn spatial concepts, cause-and-effect, and fine motor skills. What a way to learn!

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  Published Date - May 15 2009
  Total Views - 433
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  Mr. Fran Swift
Fran Swift writes about children's toys and games, including action figures and kids arts andcrafts for parents to teach end entertain their children.
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    There is something special about children and their toys. During my youth, I canít recall a girl who didnít own a Barbie or a boy who didnít run about the garden wielding action figures Read More...
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