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How to write Articles

When you start reading an article from a magazine or a newspaper, you feel stuck with that till the end. How is that? You think that you too have these ideas more or less but see how beautifully the article writer has done the work. Yes, it is not easy but at the same time not so difficult. Let us discuss how to write articles.

First of all choose the subject you know very well as it is not better to move around unknown streets. When the subject is decided, think about the specific topic. You may say that there is no idea as writers have left no space for us. But it is not true; there are enormous ideas under the sun including the sun itself. Ideas are around you and you have to choose. These ideas come in your mind and just fly away, so it is better to have a notebook to note them down. Always have your eyes and ears open to know the happenings in the world and around you. You should know and understand very well about what you are writing. When you are absolutely clear about the topic, then only you should start.

There are certain steps to be taken for article writing.

• First step for article writing is brainstorming. Take a piece of paper with pencil and write anything and every thing in points about that topic. You should not take this step lightly and may give time. When written down all the ideas you have in mind on that paper, take different colored pencils and unite all the ideas in five to six points.

• You would find that there are some points about them you know well but on some points you are not clear. Start proper search and research about those points. Give time for the work as it is very important phase.

• Next step is drafting which is a rough collection of the ideas and points of brainstorming and research work. Don’t care of grammatical mistakes and errors here. Just put all the points and ideas to an article form.

• Now you have to revise the draft. Revision is like operation and you would be cutting all unnecessary parts without any hesitation. You love your sentences and try to keep them as they are, but don’t do this. Keep relevant points and sentences related to topic only.

• Next step is editing which is a process of removing mistakes and errors regarding tense, spelling, punctuation and word choice. Change the words with ones which have appropriate meaning related to article.

• Then you have to read the article again, whether it is in flow or not. Throw out or change the points and sentences which are breaking the flow.

Now here are some tips for you regarding writing style.

• You should use direct sentences mostly but indirect sentences should be used only when it is required.

• It is better to use declarative sentences as it shows your confidence.

• When the article is informative, make a blend of information with analysis if possible.

•  Use the words which are easy to understand for common people.

• If you are beginner it is better to use short sentences, you would use long sentences automatically after gaining experience.

• The title of the article should be catchy if possible.

Before ending the article, it is necessary to suggest last but more important point, start of the article must be wonderful and interesting, if it is not, nobody would go through your whole article.

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