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Latest Approved Articles
  • Golf Mobile Apps for iPhone- Easy to Practice Golf
  • [2011-04-19 ]
    One of the fastest growing segments in the mobile app market is golf mobile apps, especially golf mobile apps for the iPhone. Learn how to play golf game with the help of golf mobile... Read More...
  • Golf Lessons for Beginners: Right way to Proceed
  • [2011-04-19 ]
    Beginner golfers often struggle with their swing because of information overload. There are thousands of golf books, golf lessons and golf videos available that can confuse the beginner golfer.... Read More...
  • Tried and True Practice Routine to Play Golf Game
  • [2011-04-19 ]
    Here we have mention tried and true golf practice routine to enhance your confidence on the practice range. You can apply these 9 practice routine in your daily practice.... Read More...
  • How to Cure Golf Fat Shots and Thin Shots
  • [2011-04-14 ]
    Two of the most frustrating golf swing faults are to hit the golf ball fat or thin. A golf fat shot is when you hit the turf first before hitting the golf ball and a golf thin shot.... Read More...
  • Quick Tips to Fix a Golf Hook Shot
  • [2011-04-14 ]
    A golf hook shot occurs when the golf ball starts right of the target (for right handers) and curves back to the left of the target. Here we have mention quick golf tips to fix the golf hook... Read More...
  • Useful Tips to a Good Golf Swing
  • [2011-04-14 ]
    There are thousands of golf swing tips available in books, magazines and the web that give advice on the proper golf swing, but this has resulted in information overload for the majority of golfers... Read More...
  • Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pro Breaks into Top Ten iPhone App Sales
  • [2011-04-14 ]
    The highly acclaimed Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pro iPhone app, which provides PGA-proven practice drills and routines to help golfers master all phases of their game, breaks into Apple’s “Top 10”... Read More...
  • Putting tips and drills for golf beginners
  • [2011-04-09 ]
    Useful golf putting tips and drills for the beginners to helping them on the practice range. Learn step by step practice drills to lower your golf score.... Read More...
  • Golf Driving Range Drills to Play the Perfect Shot
  • [2011-04-09 ]
    Here I have mention the golf full swing practice drills which help you to hit the perfect golf shot in the driving range. Learn practice drills for back swing and downswing... Read More...
  • Golf Genie™ Launches Practice Drills Pro for iPhone
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    The highly acclaimed Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket guide, which provides PGA-proven practice drills and routines to help golfers master all phases of their game, announces the release... Read More...
  • Golf Practice Routines to Develop your Golf Swing Strengths
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    These are proved golf practice routines which help you to improve your overall golf game. Concentrate on below mention practice drills to strengths your golf swing game.... Read More...
  • Golf Practice Tips to Apply Every Time
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    Here we have mention useful golf practice advice to apply in your golf game. You can use it every time when you hit the golf ball in the practice range. Keep practice in regular basis... Read More...
  • Golf Swing Lessons to Improve your Golf Game
  • [2011-03-25 ]
    Learn basic lessons on golf to improve overall your golf game, here we have mention fundamental of golf game which help you to improve your golf swing. Below mention four golf lesson... Read More...
  • How to choose golf training aids to fit your needs and budget
  • [2011-03-25 ]
    If you are in mood to choose effective golf training aids but don’t know which one is good for you, here we have mention the checklist to choose perfect golf training aids to resolve your swing... Read More...
  • Golf Practice Drills for your Full Swing and Short Game
  • [2011-03-25 ]
    Learn key golf practice drills to focus on your full swing and short game shots. All the tips are tested and help golf beginners in lower their golf score.... Read More...
  • Golf Fixes Tips for the Slice, Shank and the Thin Shot
  • [2011-03-25 ]
    Apply these quick golf fixes tips in your daily golf practice and then definitely you will improve your golf score. Learn all the quick golf fixes tips and improve your golf slice... Read More...
  • How to get good golf putting instructions
  • [2011-03-25 ]
    Taking golf putting instructions is not a tough work now but the important thing is really you getting worth full golf instructions? Learn the simple way how to get good golf putting instructions.... Read More...
  • Golf Short Game Plays Major Role in your Golf Score
  • [2011-03-22 ]
    It is estimated that 60% or more of your golf score is made up of your short game shots or shots 100 yards and in to the hole. Spend more time on your short game practice specially on putting.... Read More...
  • What’s an Average Score in Golf Game?
  • [2011-03-17 ]
    Mostly golf beginners asking for average golf score on the golf practice range, here we list what’s the average golf score for the golfers. Know how you can lower your golf score and what ... Read More...
  • Key Golf Swing Tips to Help Get you Ready
  • [2011-03-17 ]
    Know key golf swing tips to lower your handicap. All the tips are approved and help you to lower your golf score, bring these suggestions in to your golf game and become an expert golfer.... Read More...
  • Golf Pitching Tips to Implement in your Game
  • [2011-03-22 ]
    Focus on given golf pitching tips to play perfectly on the golf course and to lower your golf score. All the tips are tested you just try to implement these tips in your daily practice routine.... Read More...
  • Golf Genie™ Receives Widespread Acclaim from Golf Experts and Media
  • [2011-03-22 ]
    Golf Genie, maker of award winning golf instructional products, receives widespread acclaim and praise for its product line by golf experts and members of the media. ... Read More...
  • Advanced Golf Tips- Improve your Golf Shot
  • [2011-03-12 ]
    Here we have mention few useful golf tips for your advanced golf shots, learn these golf tips to know how to hit advanced shot perfectly. ... Read More...
  • Successful Tips to Hit a Golf Draw Shot
  • [2011-03-12 ]
    Know why many golfers like to play golf draw shot and how you can setup, execute this shot. Below we have mention successful tips to play golf draw shot on the golf course. Know this shot will help... Read More...
  • How to start playing golf if you are a beginner
  • [2011-03-12 ]
    If you are beginner and don’t know how to start playing golf here we have mention useful tips to start the golf game. First you learn about the golf fundamentals because without proper understanding... Read More...
  • Golf Slice Cure- Easy Steps to Resolve the Problem
  • [2011-03-12 ]
    Below I have mention how to cure your golf slice problem. Use mention golf slice cure tips to enhance your golf skills, you just bring these golf slice cure tips in your daily practice routines.... Read More...
  • Golf Fundamental for Grip, Shot Setup and Ball Position
  • [2011-03-12 ]
    If you are right hand golfer and facing problem with golf gripping, golf shot setup, execution and ball position then read all the below given golf fundamentals which help you to lower you handicap... Read More...
  • Easy Way to Fix your Golf Slice Shot
  • [2011-03-04 ]
    If you experienced with golf slice fault and looking for proper golf fixes for your shot, implement below given golf slice fixes tips in your daily practice routines. ... Read More...
  • Know the Causes and Fixes Tips of Golf Hook Shot
  • [2011-03-04 ]
    Know the causes behind the golf hook shot and the fixes tips which help you to resolve golf hook shot problem. Use these practice drills in your daily routine to resolve the fault. ... Read More...
  • More Common Golf Swing Fault and Fixes
  • [2011-03-04 ]
    Everyday golfers experience golf swing fault problems when they play the game. Here I list you more common golf swing fault and the useful tips to fix these swing fault. ... Read More...
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