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Fracture Humerus Treatment And Sports Physical Exams: Protect Your Bone Health At Any Age

Bone-related injuries occur in young and old people alike. They are often caused by a one-time injury to the bone (acute fracture) but they may also be caused by repeated stress to the bone over time (stress fracture). Stress fractures are common among young athletes due to poor training or conditioning, and immature bones. Itís important to schedule a sports physical exam before jumping into a new activity in order to prevent stress fractures. A sports physical exam will determine an athleteís overall health and fitness level. Elderly people are susceptible fractures as wellóparticularly due to osteoporosis and falls, which may require fracture humerus treatment, and can avoid bone injury through exercise and improving bone health.

Sports Physical Exams

Stress fractures commonly occur in sports that cause repetitive impact from running or jumping, such as basketball and gymnastics. They occur commonly when an athlete begins an unfamiliar physical motion, so itís essential to get a sports physical exam before engaging in a new athletic activity. The doctor performing a sports physical exam will determine an athleteís level of physical fitness. Stress fractures occur almost exclusively in the legs and feet, but can occur in virtually any bone in the body. Treatment involves rest and avoiding the activity that caused the fracture.

Fracture Humerus Treatment

Acute fractures occur from a one-time impact. Humerus (upper arm bone) fractures are typically caused by high-velocity blunt trauma, such as falling, and affect the elderly more often than young athletes. Fracture humerus treatment begins with a trip to the emergency room or urgent care center to determine the severity of the fracture and possible nerve and circulation problems. Generally, surgery and casting is not involved for fracture humerus treatment, and the injured person will wear a sling for about six weeks.

More involved fracture humerus treatments may be needed if the fracture is complex. In this case, a doctor will treat the fracture with ORIF, or internal fixation surgery. This fracture humerus treatment involves insertion of plates and screws, or rods and nails into the arm. Recovery time varies for everyone, depending on the severity of the break and fracture humerus treatment received.

To avoid bone-related injuries, take appropriate precautions. For young athletes, itís important to choose age-appropriate sports, and to get a sports physical exam before engaging in any team activity. During a sports physical exam, a doctor checks the athleteís height, weight, blood pressure, the heart and lungs, eyesight and overall strength. Wear correct footwear for running, and padding for contact sports. Elderly people can reduce the risk of bone injuries and fracture humerus treatment by exercising to maintain agility, and by taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to improve bone health.
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  Published Date - September 30 2010
  Total Views - 416
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  Mr. Supriyo Banerjee
Christen R. is a freelance writer for Pioneer Urgent Care, an urgent walk-in clinic that specializes in treating patients in West Chester, Chester County, and Delaware County.Thereís no appointments or referrals necessary.We provide urgent care for all types of bone related injuries,including fractured humerus treatment, and we also offer sports physical exam.
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