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Fortune By Chance


When you think about those around you blessed with good fortune (or fortunate to be wealthy!), many of them did not gain their fortunes by chance alone. They are successful because of the people they have met and been fortunate enough to join with, in successful business ventures or partnerships.

These people could have been anybody. When you have the great opportunity (or chance) to meet a successful businessman, an influential figure in society or a VIP who could prove to be a very powerful network builder or figure in your business life, are you prepared to approach and talk to them?

Five Top Networking Skills:

1. Practice remembering people’s names and faces

2. Always carry enough business cards (too many is fine you can always print more)

3. Don’t make false promises and if you promise something then deliver

4. Follow up. Contact your prospects the following week to arrange another meeting

5. When you follow up with them make sure you have a reason for doing so

By reflecting on these basic business skills every business person should be asking themselves, “Would I do business with myself?”

By self reflecting and understanding how we interact with people we can improve and develop our image. By doing so, we become a shining light and example for others to follow. We attract good fortune.

Your success inspires success in others.

Maintaining good relationships with those around you is a fundamental part of being a good human being. In business this translates into fostering productive, fruitful relationships (and partnerships) with others. Business can be challenging, but whether they are doing business or not, everyone benefits from having good relationships with others. Consider business activities with a social atmosphere. The ability to meet and network with others in a less formal or social environment can really provide a great boost to your business network.

Ask Yourself Questions to Build Better Business Relationships!

When you are about to meet important people for the first time at events, functions, and conferences or in business meetings, there are some simple questions that you can ask yourself to help break the ice:

1. Who do they know that I also know?

2. Do I know somebody who has done business with them previously?

3. What is the most significant asset of this person and how is it relevant to my business?

4. What could I do to help this person be more successful?

Strength in Numbers

Network marketing success requires members to be focused on working well with others to provide support. By our support for each other we gain strength and more credibility than by working alone. When you meet others for the first time you must remember that our first impression is often the strongest. Work hard to be at your best when meeting others for the first time.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

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  Mr. Desiree Jumchai
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