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Factors That Can Lessen The Value Of A Good Home By Dylan Block

If you are thinking of selling your home, there are several factors that should be considered with respect to the property's resale value. Below are some of the factors that may lessen the value of a good home and may probably piss off possible buyers, even if your home is a good property.


Buyers always prefer to buy a home in a location that can give them an easy access to effective transportation and major establishments such as school, offices, markets and church. Most buyers wouldn't want to live in a place near airports and busy roads. Being near to cell phone towers and power lines are also often avoided by most buyers due to its possible health risk that it can bring to people. Some buyers are also cautious in buying home in an often flooded area. Considering several types of these issues that exist near the properties in consideration will ensure a maximum resale possibility.

Good Restoration Gone Bad.

Though exerting money into restoration usually increases the market value of a home, a badly done restoration can have the opposite effect. If the buyer saw that the restoration will have to be done again, they will have a good opportunity to make a lower offer or keep finding for a better home.

Too Much Creative Customization.

Though bright painted houses are cutting edge trend in present home design magazines, it can turn buyers off. Customizing spaces so that they may not be useful to potential buyers such as turning the garage into a home gym or a granny apartment, might also make some buyers hesitant to purchase your property. Unique and highly cost landscaping, renovation and housing materials can be seen by most first time buyers as impractical and would cause them to turn their back on purchasing the property.

Unappealing Exterior.

The first thing that possible buyers see in a property is its exterior. If the house looks to be out dated or in poor renovation on the outside, buyers will think that it is the same for the interior. Water features such as ponds and swimming pools, too much landscaped green space, old fences and sheds may turn off potential buyers. By keeping the gardens weeded and the lawn mowed, possible buyers can see how nice the property for sale inside and out.

Pets and Animals Gone Wild.

Many buyers won't mind buying a home that has had resident pets or animals, but all they care about is the damaged carpets, walls or a strong smell in the surroundings that was caused by animals. This would definitely piss off buyers specially those with asthma and allergies. Always consider removing, repairing or cleaning the damaged materials of the animals when reselling a home.

Not–so–Good Neighborhood.

A tricky neighborhood with high crime rates or untidy homes in your block may not be appealing to buyers and may scare them too.

Scary Foreclosure.

Some good homes may be available through foreclosure, but it is very important to do some research first, ask questions and go on bargaining. The fear in buying foreclosures is that the property could be a money trap or may need a large amount of money in for repairing before being ready to move – in.

The bottom line here is that everything change overtime even neighborhoods. Therefore, the best way to be totally sure about the area when you buy a property, choose which one is most suitable for you and you'll be guaranteed with a good neighborhood.
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About Author
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  Published Date - July 14 2011
  Total Views - 175
  Total Votes - 2
  Average Rating - 2
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  Miss. Dylan Block
Dylan Block is your all time hotel residence lady on the block. She writes, own a blog and participate in anything that goes with real estate business that makes her your Best Hotel Reviews Guru . Also she makes reviews on the best hotels in the world like the Pontefino Hotel in the Philippines.
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