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Employee Benefit News: Maintaining A Happy And Productive Workforce

“The power of saying ‘thank you’ is often underestimated,” says Kelley M. Butler, Editor-in-Chief, Employee Benefit News. “Everybody wants to feel appreciated for their hard work.”

A speaker at the upcoming marcus evans Mid-Market Corporate Benefits Summit 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 23-25, Butler discusses the importance of retaining top talent and the benefits that employees value most.

What have mid-market corporate benefits directors been faced with over the past few years?

Kelley M. Butler: Cost containment is a challenge we have faced since the financial crisis and recession began, as employers have had to maintain profitability and productivity at pre-recession levels.

Over the past few years, corporate benefit directors have been trying to maintain the status quo financially, which has resulted in employee layoffs and benefits cuts. As the economy rebounds, employers will struggle with sustaining some financial conservatism while offering top talent more to keep them onboard, since polls have indicated that a significant number of employees (from one-third to as many as half) are looking to leave their current employer.

What are the benefits most and least valuable to employees?

Kelley M. Butler: Maintaining healthcare coverage for themselves and their families is a benefit that employees find exceptionally valuable. They do not want to worry about finances if a medical emergency emerges.

Also, the concept of being given the gift of time is cherished a great deal. Whether in the form of paid time off, flexible work hours or the ability to work from home, it allows workers to attend to family issues, see their children and commute with more ease.

Conversely, supplemental life and disability insurance are important benefits that are often overlooked. Nobody likes thinking of these difficult issues, but through the workplace is a valuable and cost effective way to purchase that extra security and income protection.

How can mid-market corporate benefit directors retain top employees while keeping them happy and productive?

Kelley M. Butler: Retaining top talent has been difficult as employers have had to do more with less. This has led to employees feeling overworked, burned out and ready to cut ties with their current employer.

The power of saying “thank you” is often underestimated. Whether by email, hand written notes or face-to-face, everybody wants to feel appreciated for their hard work. If finances allow, a reward structure should be put in place for a job well done.

What initiatives to increase productivity and performance would you suggest?

Kelley M. Butler: Productivity and performance can be increased by better engaging people in the workplace. For the most part, employees don’t just work for their paycheck; they genuinely care about the work that they’re doing and how it affects their company overall. Employees can do their job more effectively through constant communication with superiors regarding what is going well and what can be done better.

Employees feel empowered when they believe that they are contributing to the company’s overall performance, and soliciting their opinions is an effective but cost-conscious way to increase productivity and performance.

Contact: Stacey Melvin, Journalist, marcus evans, Summits Division

Tel: 357 22 849 400
Email: press@marcusevanscy

All rights reserved. The above content may be republished or reproduced – kindly inform us by sending an email to press@marcusevanscy
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  Published Date - November 6 2011
  Total Views - 30
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  Ms. Sarin Kouyoumdjian-Gurunlian
Stacey Melvin Journalist marcus evans, Summits Division
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