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Duster Kick-Starts A New Era For Renault

Back in 2012, when Renault heads declared that India is among the top-10 markets for the company globally, it was not a surprise since the ongoing economic crisis has made developing markets, including India and Russia, the life savers for many companies in the global map. What is surprising is that Renault, which sold few hundreds of cars prior to launch of Duster has grown up to hold about 2% market share in Indian automobile segment in 2013. The car maker currently stands in eighth position in the country as far as sales units are concerned and all this has been possible because of its hot-selling SUV, the Duster. This SUV single-handedly pushed Renault up in the rank chart of auto companies in India. All these developments have made the French car maker, lead by Mr. Carlos Ghosn, to focus more on the sub-continent and come up with new growth strategies to increase its share in the market.

Going by the words of heads at Renault, it is notable that the marque is concentrating on development of cost-efficient cars and does not want to enlarge its portfolio to have tens of models. The company, instead, wants to have just 7 or 8 cars which can turn out to be best-sellers. Working towards this Renault-Nissan alliance had recently announced that the JV will be shelling out 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in India for development of new cars. With more models expected from the JV, the strategy works in a way where cars from Renault and Nissan will have same powertrain, basic build and features, while designers work hard on creating unique identities to these models through their design. Through this strategy and with an extended network of dealerships, Renault-Nissan partnership is aiming to takeaway chunky share of 15% from Indian auto space in the years to come. For this to happen, the development of low-cost cars through the Datsun badge should happen. This brand, which was phased out decades ago, is expected to turnaround the fate of the parent company, Nissan in near future.

Meanwhile, with Duster having a successful run for Renault, the Nissan sibling, Terrano is also expected to be launched soon. In mid-2013 competitors have come out aggressively to outshine the French car. But all these have not been barriers to the company’s growth drive. Having good customer feedback and Renault Duster review, the auto marque now has the responsibility of reaching untouched geographic locations of the country. Revising the price of this classy 5-seater SUV can be a good option for the marque. Currently Renault Duster Price ranges from Rs. 7.99 lakh to Rs. 12.18 lakh. The company recently added navigation system in the car to upgrade it technologically. With both petrol and diesel engine options the auto maker does not have to worry much about difference in fuel prices in India. Renault will be unveiling its upgraded Duster at Frankfurt Motor Show this year. This SUV is expected to be more stylish and aggressive compared to existing model. With such upgraded models rolled out in Indian market with attractive price tags and aggressive media campaigns, the company can further capitalise on fame of Renault Duster in India.
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  Published Date - September 9 2013
  Total Views - 90
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  Mrs. Naisha Sharma
Renault Duster is the automobile which has changed the fate of the French car maker in India. Winning awards and accolades for its design, the SUV has managed to push Renault sales high-up compared to the year before. Renault Duster review has been great among the customers, which has helped the company so far.
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