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Drive Wise And Ease Your Pain At The Pump


The evening news always finds a way to ruin your appetite. Skyrocketing fuel prices donít help any to alleviate the discomfort. If you are just about at your witsí end trying to fit your gasoline expenses into the budget, try the following tips on how to save on fossil fuel and avoid pain at the gas pump.

1. Find alternative modes of transport.

If you used to take the car several blocks down to the local grocer, try a bike. It can prove healthier in the long run. If you can, walk, but if you donít feel like it, riding a bike can be healthy, enjoyable, and downright economical. You not only get extra treadmill time as if youíre on a regular gym regimen but you get to see the sights that you used to miss in the confines of your car when you ride a bike. This saves you on trips to the gas station and saves you those precious bucks.

For the daily trip to the office, consider taking the bus or the train. The bus fare or train fare will definitely be a lot cheaper than your regular tankful of fuel. Consider the following benefits aside from saving you the pain at the pump: you get to sleep on the train or bus instead of slaving behind the wheel weaving in and out of traffic; you get to read the news while on travel; and if youíre rushing through your workload, you can check your email on the fly. Youíll end up with less stress and more fuel savings.

2. Keep your car in tip-top condition.

Keep to your scheduled tune-up. Skipping the regular oil change or the check up of your carís engine might save you a few bucks now but think how much gas is guzzled by a poorly maintained car.

Check the air-conditioning and the thermostat. Poor air-con performance weighs heavily on your engine and you end up wasting precious fuel. In cooler weather, roll down the windows and feel the breeze. It can be a worthwhile way of saving fuel and avoiding pain at the gas pump.

Tires that are poorly or under-inflated convert into added drag translating into more fuel burned by the engine to move the car. Make sure the tire pressure is at the manufacturerís recommended level. The manufacturer knows more than you do in terms of safety and efficiency.

3. Drive with discipline.

Jump starts and screeching halts not only burn tire rubber, burden the engine, and wreak havoc on the carís carburetor; they guzzle up fuel in surprising amounts, too. Adhere to the recommended acceleration rate and watch that tach.

Ease up on the gas pedal and drive within city limits. You not only save fuel but avoid fines otherwise paid for every speeding ticket you get. On the highway, know what your carís ideal cruising speed is and stick to that. The bonus is you get to your destination in one piece with nary a bruise or a cut.

With a little discipline and concern, you can avoid pain at the pump as you conserve fuel and increase your savings.
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  Published Date - November 10 2008
  Total Views - 1105
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  Mr. Joe Cline
Joe Cline writes articles for Austin real estate agent. Other articles written by the author related to Round Rock real estate agent and Austin Texas Realtor can be found on the net.
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