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  • Get Detailed Information on Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • [2013-06-11 ]
    If you want to get detailed information regarding the symptoms testing and treatments of IBS, you can get in touch with a health clinic or hospital that is closest to you and which offers these kinds ... Read More...
  • Male Yeast Infection
  • [2013-05-17 ]
    Many people today are looking for ways to take care of their health without using medications that may have harmful side affects.... Read More...
  • Understanding the Causes of Candida Infection and Its Symptoms
  • [2013-05-13 ]
    As there are multiple Candida infection causes and symptoms, you will find that it affects the body in different forms. One of the most common forms of this disease is vaginal thrush.... Read More...
  • Causes, Cure and Symptoms of Candida and Yeast Infections
  • [2013-03-27 ]
    According to research, around 45% of the population suffer from food intolerance and yeast infections. Though this condition is not life threatening, yet it can make you very uncomfortable.... Read More...
  • Health and Safety Tips During Hurricane Sandy
  • [2012-11-03 ]
    The storm is barreling down on the Northeast Coast, leaving millions of people secluded in flooded areas with no electricity. As a response to the newly occurred situation, here we included some healt... Read More...
  • Horse Back Problems- Associated Symptoms and Cures!
  • [2012-08-03 ]
    Does your horse pin his ears back and swish his tail while you try to groom him? Has had a sudden drop in performance or doesn\\\\\\\'t like been tacked up? These are some of the general symptoms of back pro... Read More...
  • Angry Young Man : Behind the Scenes
  • [2012-06-13 ]
    Given the declining situation of health in India one wonders what made the proverbial “angry young man” of Indian cinema angry! The stories on reel displayed social injustice as the common factor. The real reasons could very well be high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol that lead to all the angry and frustrated outbursts of the various characters played by the iconic actor, Amitabh Bachchan or Big B as he is popularly referred to nowadays! ... Read More...
  • Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness
  • [2012-05-10 ]
    The World Health Organisation estimates that 260 crore people out of the 700 crore plus global population lack access to adequate sanitation. As a result, globally, 3000 children die each day and 15 lakh people die every year because of diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is the second leading cause of death among children under five years.... Read More...
  • The ‘O’ Factor Ramifications of Physical Inactivity
  • [2012-04-30 ]
    WHO indicates that at least 1 in 3 of the world’s adult population is overweight and 1 in 10 is obese. Additionally more than 2 crore children under age 5 are overweight. At least 28 lakh adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, overweight and obesity attributes to diabetes, ischaemic heart disease burden, and certain cancer burdens.... Read More...
  • Haemophilia or The Inherited Bleeding Disorders
  • [2012-04-21 ]
    Haemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder where the body is unable to control blood clotting or coagulation. The most common form of the disease is Haemophilia A wherein the deficiency of clotting factor VIII is responsible for the condition. The other type, Haemophilia B results from a deficiency of clotting factor IX. ... Read More...
  • Cancer – A Cellular Wildfire, Awareness about Cancer
  • [2012-04-06 ]
    In 2008, 76 lakh people died of cancer, which constituted 13% of all deaths worldwide. The 5 most common types that kill men are cancers of lung, stomach, liver, colorectal and oesophagus... Read More...
  • Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse at School
  • [2012-04-02 ]
    Teen drug abuse is one of the major health concerns in the United States of America. But this particular habit among the school going kids can be controlled by identifying the drug abusing symptoms at the right time and taking necessary preventive measures. Since teens spend most of the time in their schools, it is the mere responsibility of the teachers and the school authorities to look after their well-being. Further, establishing a drug free learning environment will help them to stay healthy and safe.... Read More...
  • Why Use Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits at Workplace?
  • [2012-03-21 ]
    Every organization wants to create a drug-free workplace to ensure safe, healthy and productive working environment.... Read More...
  • Coronary Heart Disease – The Sudden Killer
  • [2012-03-17 ]
    Coronary heart disease kills more than 70 lakh people each year. Most of these deaths are in developing countries like India. Unhealthy lifestyle influences 80% - 90% dying of CHD, and are therefore preventable.... Read More...
  • Overview of Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery
  • [2011-12-26 ]
    Minimally invasive parathyroid surgery was initiated during the early ninety century. This can be completely different from the previous surgery which includes exploring of both the side of tumor.... Read More...
  • Looking Into Minimally Invasive Parathyroid Surgery
  • [2011-11-06 ]
    Minimally invasive parathyroid surgery is a surgical treatment option for people with problems concerning their parathyroid.... Read More...
  • Periodontal Disease and Diabetes
  • [2011-04-04 ]
    Those with diabetes have more severe periodontal issues and those with periodontal disease have a more difficult time controlling their diabetes. The link is found in both adults and children.... Read More...
  • Obesity – The Link Between Obesity and Periodontal Disease in Children
  • [2010-10-06 ]
    Obesity and periodontal disease often appear to be tethered to one another. ... Read More...
  • How Alcohol and Marijuana Abuse Impacts Adolescence
  • [2010-07-14 ]
    Adolescence is a crucial stage for physical and mental human development. An adolescent brain has increased desire of knowledge and exploration.... Read More...
  • How to Know If Your Child Is Drug Abused?
  • [2010-07-06 ]
    Many parents fail to detect drug abuse habits in their children in right time. Identifying drug abuse in proper time can help parents to give proper counseling or diagnosis to their children... Read More...
  • Know About Cocaine Drug Testing
  • [2010-07-06 ]
    Cocaine is highly addictive drug of abuse. A recent NIDA survey stated that, approximately one in six Americans (15% in 2007), by the age of 30 tried cocaine.... Read More...
  • Affects Of Cocaine Abuse
  • [2010-06-30 ]
    Cocaine abuse is potentially high in many nations around the world and is the second most abused illicit drug in the US. Cocaine is highly addictive drug that can rapidly develop into serious.... Read More...
  • Negative Effects Of Marijuana Abuse On Human Physiology
  • [2010-06-23 ]
    Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in United States and is obtained from dried flower, stem, leaves, and seeds of female cannabis plant.... Read More...
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Urine Drug Testing
  • [2010-06-16 ]
    Urine drug testing is the most commonly used and federally mandated method of drug testing. Urine drug testing is used both as on-site tests and for laboratory analysis.... Read More...
  • Is radiation exposure from mammograms dangerous?
  • [2010-06-09 ]
    Please read here the guidelines for breast cancer screening and detection. This can save your life!... Read More...
  • Preventive Measures and Causes of Yeast Infection
  • [2010-04-19 ]
    Some yeast can be found safely inside our bodies but when they grow and multiply, they become a yeast infection. It is necessary to know the causes of yeast infection and how it affects you so mainly ... Read More...
  • How Stress Problem Affect Immune System
  • [2010-04-19 ]
    A very high value for the main diseases caused by stress is 80%. An increase in heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, adrenaline, cortical, free radicals and oxidative damage are also side effec... Read More...
  • Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally with Diet changes and Healthy life style
  • [2010-04-13 ]
    Stones are sometimes trapped in the urethra, so that they temporarily blocked. These triggers from extremely painful colic, cramping abdominal pain, often accompanied by nausea or vomiting is. A singl... Read More...
  • Tips to Prevent and Avoid Back Pain
  • [2010-04-12 ]
    The cross with the cross has become a people suffering 80 percent complaining about back pain during their lifetime, especially women between 30 and 60 years. Many false movements, posture - at some p... Read More...
  • Vitiligo or Leukoderma Uneven Pale Patches of Skin
  • [2010-04-09 ]
    The Vitiligo or leukoderma is the loss of skin pigmentation due to attack autoimmune by the body\'s immune system to melanocytes. The Vitiligo usually begins in adulthood with patches of de-pigmented s... Read More...
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