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Cut Start-Up Costs By Using A Dropshipper

In order to boarding the first-class cabin in the ocean of E-commerce, everyone is trying to dig gold from dropship.
Why? There’s an old saying that “one cut has two sides”, dropship has no exception. The most prominent feature of dropship is the minimum start-up cost in running an internet shop. Before we make some comments on its pros, let’s move to the cons first. There’re at least three disadvantages of dropship for dropshippers who want to draw profits from dropshipping.
First of all, multiple and unscrupulous scammers: It’s a common thing to be treated by a middleman who named himself as wholesaler in the internet. Two tips may help you to some degree: collecting contact information as much as possible (not by e-mail, prefer to cell phone or Skype) and keeping an eye on after-sale services (check the quality before delivery)
Secondly, out of control of quality, inventory, delivery and package. If you’re a dropship, you’ll play a vital role on building the bridges between wholesalers and customers. However, it’s impossible for you to monitor the quality, inventory, delivery and package, because the products will be shipped to your customers from your wholesaler directly! As the result of the above, you should tackle with any complaints even without any preparation.
Thirdly, the roaring-up dropshippers can result in fierce competition in E-commerce business.
Compared with the cons, the pros of dropship are more featured.
1, minimum initial investment: Generally speaking, you will place orders to your wholesaler after getting orders from your customers first. Therefore, you can start off your business online at small cost even none.
2, no inventory to hold: The wholesaler would dropship the products to your customers directly with your company’s logo and address, which means money-saving in storing, delivering and shipping.
3, time-saving in logistics: If you’re a dropshipper, you can arrange almost everything at home. Just click your mouse, your customers will receive the needed in couple of days, which can saving much of your time to give you a room to do extra businesses.
4, a wide range of selections: Your online shops have a visual inventory where you can put multiple items from electronics from Nearbyexpress to oil paintings from Yeahart.
As the old saying goes, “existence is reasonable!”
Maybe the above is the reason why dropship develops so dramatically!
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  Published Date - January 6 2011
  Total Views - 614
  Total Votes - 8
  Average Rating - 2
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  Mrs. Una Tao
My name is Una Tao, i\'m working in Nearbyexpress ( now which specializes in dropshipping electronics and computer accessories in the internet. Nearby Express is a dedicated ecommerce store platform, with a full scale dropship service for small businesses. Nearby Express is the sister company of Sunvalleytek, a professional supplier of electronics products since 2001. specializes in the global computer, communication, and consumer electronics.
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