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Custom Dissertation Writing - An Uphill Task?

Have you ever handled the assignment of writing a custom dissertation while pursuing a degree course at a College or University? If not, you will soon come across such a task when you will be asked to write a custom dissertation on one or two subjects given in your curriculum for a degree course. It implies conducting extensive research on a topic assigned to you (or selected by you with the approval of your supervisor/professor) and then discussing the same at length—by giving views of renowned authorities on the subject—and finally, drawing your own conclusion based on persuasive arguments. So, writing a custom dissertation means that you write a unique paper on a topic given to you in your own words—giving proper references and quotations, wherever it is deemed appropriate.

In order to accomplish such a task, you ought to have sufficient data on the subject. To collect relevant material on your topic, you will have to conduct extensive research by going through as many sources as possible. Books, Periodicals, Journals, Articles, Encyclopedias, etc., are but a few of the sources from which you can collect reliable data. You must cultivate the habit of visiting your college/university library regularly. Glance through available magazines there. Some magazines, such as, Times, Newsweek, Life, etc., usually have very interesting articles in them. It is possible that some articles may carry certain important ideas for your dissertation as well.

It is imperative that your dissertation paper must mention proper references and give appropriate citations to quotable quotes selected from various sources. Without such references, your dissertation won’t be considered a custom dissertation and there is every possibility that it will be labeled as ‘plagiarized’. ‘Plagiarism’, as must have reckoned, involves ‘copying and pasting’ from the work of another author and then claiming the same to be one’s own. It is a very loathsome act and should invariably be avoided—as, even otherwise, a plagiarized dissertation is not worth a dime.

You should discuss your research topic with your supervisor/professor. He might give you some brilliant ideas for your paper. It is also advisable to get the format for your dissertation duly approved by him. Solicit his advice on the minimum number of sources that he expects you to collect the research material from. Besides, a rough sketch of your dissertation—with Introduction ; Chapters to be created on the basis of information already collected (and to be collected in due course of time) ; Latest development on the subject, if any ; and finally, Conclusion—should be shown to him for his comments.

As you might have gathered from above, writing custom dissertation is not something to be dreaded. A little hard labor and determination will let you through the uphill task with flying colors.
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  Published Date - July 23 2010
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  Mr. Philip Green
Get ready to complete your dissertation with quality and with proper dissertation help from Experts. Custom dissertation writing is essential to complete this grueling task successfully and win your degree.
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