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Computer Career Training Courses - Options

A very small number of men and women in Great Britain are enjoying job satisfaction. Inevitably, huge numbers will do nothing about it. The fact that you're reading this surely indicates that you've realised change must come.

It's advisable to get some help before you start - find someone who knows the industry; an advisor who can get to the bottom of what you'll like in a job, and offer only the courses which will get you there:

* Would you like lots of contact with people? If the answer's yes, would you enjoy being part of a team or is meeting new people important to you? Or are you better working in isolation?

* What's important that you get from the area of industry you choose? (Building and banking - not so stable as they once were.)

* How long a career do you hope to have once retrained, and will the market sector offer you that opportunity?

* Do you think being qualified will give you the chance to find new work easily, and keep working until you choose to stop?

A predominant industry in Great Britain to meet the above criteria is the IT sector. There's a shortage of skilled people in this sector, just check out any jobs website and there'll be a long list. Don't misunderstand and think it's only geeky nerds staring at theirscreens all day - there are many more roles than that. The majority of workers in IT are just like you and me, with well paid and stimulating jobs.

Being a part of the information technology industry is one of the more electrifying and revolutionary industries that you could be a part of. Being up close and personal with technology puts you at the fore-front of developments shaping life over the next few decades. There are people who believe that the revolution in technology we have experienced is lowering its pace. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have yet to experience incredible advances, and the internet significantly will become an increasingly dominant part of our lives.

The average IT professional in the UK will also get a lot more money than employees on a par in other market sectors. Typical incomes are around the top of national league tables. Due to the technological sector emerging year on year, it's likely that demand for qualified professionals will continue to boom for decades to come.

You have to be sure that all your qualifications are current and also valid commercially - don't even consider studies that only give in-house certificates. If your certification doesn't come from a company like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco or CompTIA, then it's likely it will be commercially useless - because it won't give an employer any directly-useable skills.

Kick out the typical salesman who recommends a training program without a thorough investigation to better understand your current abilities and level of experience. Always check they have access to a generous range of products so they're able to give you a program that suits you.. If you have a strong background, or maybe some work-based experience (maybe some existing accreditation?) then it's more than likely the level you'll need to start at will vary from a trainee who has no experience. It's wise to consider a user-skills course first. This can set the scene for your on-going studies and make the transition to higher-level learning a much more gentle.

A ridiculously large number of organisations are all about the certification, and avoid focusing on what you actually need - which is of course employment. You should always begin with the end goal - don't get hung-up on the training vehicle. Never let yourself become part of the group who select a program that sounds really 'interesting' and 'fun' - only to end up with a qualification for a job they hate.

Be honest with yourself about the income level you aspire to and the level of your ambition. Usually, this will point the way to which accreditations will be required and what industry will expect from you in return. The best advice for students is to speak to experienced industry personnel before they make a decision on a particular study programme. This is essential to ensure it contains the commercially required skills for the career that is sought.
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  Published Date - December 10 2009
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  Mr. Jason Kendall
(C) Jason Kendall. Look at for great ideas on Computer Training Course and MCITP Training.
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