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  • Are cats smart or dumb?
  • [2012-11-15 ]
    Love them or hate them cats are just hard to ignore. I love cats, but I have often wondered about just how smart they really are? For that reason I\\\\\\\'ve collected a few videos of cats and their reaction... Read More...
  • Grumpy Cat Inspires Grumpy Art
  • [2012-11-16 ]
    It\\\\\\\'s the Grumpy cat net era everyone! First there were some pictures, then a video and numerous memes, portraits, T-shirts and you tell what followed. Yep, you\\\\\\\'re guessing right! It\\\\\\\'s time for some Gr... Read More...
  • Why Do Cats Like To Sleep So Much
  • [2012-11-16 ]
    One thing is for sure: cats know how to sleep. And they sleep a lot. However, so far nobody knows why they sleep so much, but you gotta admit that they are the most adorable creatures when asleep. ... Read More...
  • A Little Something About Cats And Their Unique Behavior
  • [2012-09-29 ]
    Did you know that one out of four American households has a cat for a pet. However, you do not have to own a cat to appreciate its eccentricities and unique behaviors. If you are an ailurophile (cat l... Read More...
  • Symptoms of Canine Diabetes
  • [2010-12-05 ]
    Diabetes in dogs is becoming more of an issue than most people think. Because of this there are a few things that you need to keep an eye on with your dog in order to help figure out whether or not they might have canine diabetes.... Read More...
  • Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs with Ear Mites
  • [2010-03-27 ]
    If you notice your dog or cat is scratching at its ears, shaking its head and its ears don’t smell too great, chances are your pet has ear mites. You can get rid of ear mites through some natural home remedies, or with medicine from the vet.... Read More...
  • Cat Diarrhea Causes and Remedies
  • [2010-03-26 ]
    Cats usually don’t have diarrhea, at least not when they’re healthy. When it shows up, it might be a sign of an internal problem, probably digestive. If the episode of diarrhea is short, it’s not a problem, and it might be caused by something in the food or water. As soon as those substances clear its system, the cat should be fine.... Read More...
  • Diarrhea In Cats – Causes and Symptoms
  • [2010-03-19 ]
    This disease is actually the body’s way to cleanse itself, getting rid of substances that are foreign and provoke irritations to the bowels. Since this isn’t a regular condition, we usually get scared when we notice diarrhea in cats, as they might be sick. There are plenty of remedies which can be used for diarrhea in cats, so don’t worry when you notice it.... Read More...
  • Pot Belly Pig – Tips to Take Care of Pot Bellied Pigs
  • [2010-03-01 ]
    If you’re looking for a pet, and you’re thinking about getting something that is a bit out of the ordinary, the number of choices is quite large. One option that seems to be quite popular among people looking for something special is the pot bellied pig.... Read More...
  • How to Take Care of Your Pot Belly Pig
  • [2010-03-01 ]
    Getting pets in the form of pot belly pigs is quite popular these days. Plenty of folks look for something out of the ordinary for their pet choices, and a pig like this usually fits the bill. ... Read More...
  • Dealing with Cat Hairballs
  • [2010-02-12 ]
    Hairballs are a familiar problem to any cat owner, especially if they have a pet with long hair. Short hair cats also suffer from this problem, but it’s more common to those that have longer hair, like Persian cats.... Read More...
  • Common Health Problems with Old Cats
  • [2010-02-08 ]
    Health issues with older cats will appear just like they do for us when we become old. They usually have a number of potential problems when they’re older. The age when a cat starts to have problems is around 9 years old. Around that age, the cat’s body will start to deteriorate slowly, and their mental and physical abilities are affected as well.... Read More...
  • How to Prevent Cat Health Problems
  • [2010-02-09 ]
    If you love your cat and you want to make sure it doesn’t get sick, a few simple precautions can prevent it from getting ill. Doing just three simple things can insure that your cat lives a few more quality years than most cats do.... Read More...
  • Taking Care of your Dog – The Right Way
  • [2010-02-12 ]
    Just like any other pets, dogs must be taken care of, by their owners. They require an investment of time, energy and money. This article will give you some tips on how to take care of your dog. There are about 21 factors involved in taking care of a dog. 11 of them are about the basic needs, 5 about different treatments and 5 about equipment.... Read More...
  • Canine influenza – Symptoms and Diagnosis
  • [2010-02-08 ]
    Canine influenza (or the so called dog flu) is a disease that usually shows up in dogs (just as the name canine suggests). The influenza is caused by a number of viruses like the renowned virus H3N8, which was discovered in 2004... Read More...
  • Cat Grooming Tips
  • [2010-02-04 ]
    Most people that own cats don’t think too much about grooming their cats, since they know that they take care of it by themselves, by licking their chests, back or paws... Read More...
  • Liver Problems In Canines
  • [2010-01-05 ]
    Just like human beings, dogs also can have liver problems. Their livers can be damaged by toxins, chemicals and other waste products. The liver plays an important role in the dog’s body and you, as its owner, you must find ways to protect it. Liver diseases can affect any dog, no matter if it is small or big, young or old. There are many reasons why liver diseases happen and most of the times the liver does not regenerate itself. ... Read More...
  • Why You Should Get your Cat Spayed
  • [2009-12-18 ]
    As a pet owner, you should get your cat spayed or neutered, as what many other pet owners do. There is a big difference between a spayed and an un-spayed cat. You should not be the unfortunate owner of an un-spayed cat for you will surely encounter many problems. Recently, regulations would require animals to be spayed before adoption.... Read More...
  • How to Be a Mother to Orphaned Kittens
  • [2009-12-18 ]
    When you decide to be a mother to orphaned kittens, you only need to extend your patience, care, and time for these animals. Here are the things that you can do to make this job easier for you.... Read More...
  • Advertise Pets Online to Get a Lovable Owner for Them
  • [2009-11-13 ]
    Pets, Pet information, pets classified, puppies, puppies for sale, dogs for sale, dog breeders, kittens for sale, cat breeders, horses, reptiles, birds, breeders directory.... Read More...
  • Bringing a New Cat Home – Tips to Follow
  • [2009-11-10 ]
    You have read somewhere that having a new cat in your home can be a great companion for your existing cat. You would also like a new kitty as you remember how much fun you used to have in the old days when you would play with the kitten.... Read More...
  • Stopping Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture
  • [2009-11-10 ]
    Scratching on different objects, including the furniture, is something cats love to do. But this can be really frustrating for you and can cause you to spend a lot of money. Felines need to scratch, it is in their instinct.... Read More...
  • Tips on How to Choose the Best Vet for Your Dog
  • [2009-11-03 ]
    When you have a pet, the vet is probably one of your best friends. This is why you need to get a vet to fit your needs, a person that is well trained and with good communication skills. If you are still looking for the perfect vet for your dog, this article will help you with some pointers on how to choose him.... Read More...
  • Caring for Cats with Diabetes
  • [2009-11-03 ]
    Getting your cat to a medical examination and finding out that it has diabetes can be quite shocking. Diabetes is a serious disease but it is manageable if you learn how to handle it.... Read More...
  • Don’t Poisson Your Cat with Chocolate
  • [2009-11-03 ]
    Many people love their pets so much that they will feed them anything, including chocolate. “It is just a small piece of chocolate. What is the harm? The cat loves it” some people are saying.... Read More...
  • Caring For an Older Cat
  • [2009-11-03 ]
    In the last years the cat life expectancy has increased a lot, due to care from the human owners and the advancement in veterinary medicine. Nowadays a cat is old when it reaches its 10th birthday. After 10 years the aging process begins. Even the most playful kitty will grow old. But with some attention from you, the cat can enjoy 5 to 10 years more.... Read More...
  • Pygmy Goats as Pets
  • [2009-10-31 ]
    Combine a lack of direct experience with pigs with pigs portrayal on television (think sweet-but-stupid Porky Pig) and it’s not surprising that most people are unaware of the pig’s intelligence. Yet p... Read More...
  • How To Choose The Best Cat Furniture
  • [2009-10-02 ]
    Using “Cat furniture” is not a new concept. People out there buy cat furniture for different purposes. Some of them buy the cat furniture because they love their kitty pet very much and they want to give their kitties extra care.... Read More...
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