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  • [2011-02-21 ]
    The introduction of the Impreza line began with Subaru in 1993. Subaru\'s main goals when producing this vehicle were to help fill a gap in the small car market initially; later in its life Subaru changed its goals to become dominant in rally race scenes.... Read More...
  • Overview of Nissan Motor Company
  • [2011-02-21 ]
    The Nissan Motor Company started its life under a totally different name. It was originally known as Dat Motorcar Co. and started in 1914. The name Dat was derived from an acronym for the companies partners at that time. The original partners were named kenjiro Den, Rokuro Aoyama, Meitaro Takeuchi which gave the DAT Motorcar co its name.... Read More...
  • Ideal Servicing - The Importance of a Full Service
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    A full service is the best treatment you can give your vehicle to find or prevent faults on your vehicle. A full service should be preformed once a year on most vehicles. Some people perform the full service just before they book their vehicle in for the yearly MOT test.... Read More...
  • Importance of Servicing Your Cooling System
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    Importance of Servicing your cooling system The cooling system of any vehicle performs an important role in the life of your vehicles engine. The cooling system consists of multiple components, included in this list are the radiator, the radiator cap, the overflow bottle, the cooling fan, the coolant hoses, the thermostat, the water pump, and the heater matrix also known as the heater core. The Radiator begins the cycle.... Read More...
  • Toyota Celica Engine Variations
  • [2011-02-05 ]
    The Toyota Celica was available with quite a few engine variations over the many years of its production. So whether you are looking to replace your old engine with a reconditioned engine or a second hand engine, we will try to help you out along the way.... Read More...
  • History of the Toyota Celica
  • [2011-02-01 ]
    The Toyota Celica is a vehicle that has been around for many years now. First introduced in 1970 it was meant to be a more affordable alternative to the then popular 2000GT. Much of the styling cues back then were derived from the appearance of the 1969-1970 Ford Mustang, then replicated on a much smaller scale. This had the desired effect in the market as it offered a smaller vehicle with sleek lines and economical engines which had an appeal to a larger part of the domestic market.... Read More...
  • A Guide to Picking Ideal Engines for Your Vehicle
  • [2011-01-27 ]
    If you have ever tried to purchase a replacement engine for a vehicle before you may have run into any of the many pitfalls that can happen when trying to select either a reconditioned engine or a second hand engine. This will be a guide to the common problems and hopefully be able to show you how to choose the ideal engine for your vehicle with as few problems as possible.... Read More...
  • Purchasing and Maintaining a Second hand Engine
  • [2011-01-27 ]
    If you have found yourself in a position where either you have determined yourself, or have been told by a qualified mechanic your current engine needs replacing with a second hand unit there are a few things to consider.... Read More...
  • The Grandeur Of Chevrolet Captiva In India
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    A remembrance of a road scene a decade back and then examining the same in contrast with the contemporary scenario will let you speculate how the four wheelers, particularly cars... Read More...
  • Spark- The Peopleís Car
  • [2011-01-03 ]
    Chevrolet Spark, the fireball from the Chevrolet umbrella which is based on Daewoo Matiz platform is the world\\\\\\\'s newest-generation compact city car that sets a fresh standard ... Read More...
  • Chevrolet Cars Creating Marvels
  • [2010-12-24 ]
    Competing for preeminence in different cars segments, car manufacturers have provided a huge assortment of cars laden with modern features & newest technology.... Read More...
  • Detailing Supplies: Choosing the Right Equipment Is Important
  • [2010-12-15 ]
    Choose best carpet steam cleaning equipment for auto detailing. Auto detailing supplies involves using machines with the right steam temperature and pressure for the exterior cleaning.... Read More...
  • Browse Your Bus Dealerís Site for Limo Buses and Used Minibus Options
  • [2010-12-08 ]
    Compare models, specs and amenities to find the best limo buses or used minibus on your bus dealerís site. ... Read More...
  • Chevrolet Spark- Creating A New Level Of Enthusiasm
  • [2010-11-30 ]
    The small car segment is one of the principal car segments in India that is growing like never before. ... Read More...
  • The Optra Phenomenon
  • [2010-11-30 ]
    Chevrolet dealers across the country provoke you to come and scrutinize the selections of cars that range from economic and fuel efficient to fast and sporty babe magnets.... Read More...
  • Old Vintage And Muscle Cars - Growing demand in USA
  • [2010-11-27 ]
    Old cars are truly amazing, as they have got unique styles and features which you will not found in any of the modern cars. The old tradition can never be compared with new traditions.... Read More...
  • How To Select Best Used Car Exporter from Japan?
  • [2010-11-08 ]
    Used cars from Japan are very popular across the world for their ultimate usability and style quotient. Here are some tips as to how you can find the best exporter of used vehicles in Japan. ... Read More...
  • Extravagant Design and Style of the Aveo Chevrolet Car
  • [2010-10-21 ]
    When improved performance, technology, and style are well blended, the car designed is bound to leave a lasting impression. ... Read More...
  • Notable features of the Chevrolet Spark car in India
  • [2010-09-30 ]
    Embedding a stalwart stature in any sector not only in the regional or national level but also at the international level amid tough competitors is a far fetched phenomenon.... Read More...
  • Why Consider a Used Car Dealer in New York/NYC Auto Dealer
  • [2010-09-30 ]
    Know the advantages of buying a used car before heading to an NYC auto dealer or used car dealers in New York.... Read More...
  • Should You Bring Your New/Used Car to the Dealer or Local Mechanic
  • [2010-09-30 ]
    Weigh the pros and cons of dealerships versus small mechanics when taking your new or used car in for service in NJ.... Read More...
  • How You and Your Car or Auto dealer Can Prepare Your Car for an Upstate New York Winter
  • [2010-09-21 ]
    You and your auto dealer in New York can prepare your car for brutal weather by winterizing.... Read More...
  • Head to Your Local Toyota Dealer if You Need Your Car Serviced in NJ
  • [2010-09-21 ]
    Being highly fuel efficient, durable and reliable, itís easy to neglect servicing your Toyota. To extend your vehicleís life and performance, head to your local Toyota dealer providing car services.... Read More...
  • Chrysler Jeep Wranglers in FL for DIY Adventure-Seekers
  • [2010-09-21 ]
    If you have a taste for adventure and a DIY spirit, consider owning a Chrysler Jeep Wrangler and taking it off-road in FL.... Read More...
  • Learn About Effective Used Car Search Options
  • [2010-09-09 ]
    There are numerous Dealers to get the best buy on a used car. All of them require extra work on your part as a buyer. So, let\'s get right into it and you can choose the option that\'s best for you.... Read More...
  • Toyota Car Service to Maintain Vehicle Performance and Dependability
  • [2010-09-04 ]
    The best Toyota car service in NJ is available to service your entire vehicleís maintenance, inspections, and repairs. Convenient locations, hours, and service departments for basic vehicle care insure many years of safe and dependable performance from your vehicle.... Read More...
  • How To Get the Best Deal: Shopping For a Used Car in New York City
  • [2010-09-07 ]
    If you are looking for a used car in New York City you want to choose a dealer that offers one stop shopping on sales, service, and maintenance. Shop for the dealership that is known to give great de... Read More...
  • Advantages of Servicing Your Vehicle at Audi Dealership
  • [2010-08-28 ]
    If you own a high level performance car like Audi, it is very much essential that you maintain it perfectly to get optimum performance.... Read More...
  • Gateway Toyota Service Makes Purchasing a Used Car, a Great Experience!
  • [2010-08-28 ]
    Finding a used car in New Jersey is easy with a dealership where price quotes, financing, special reward programs, and maintenance services are available. Select a premier used car dealer where your satisfaction is their ultimate goal.... Read More...
  • Why Choose a Dealership for Used Car Purchase
  • [2010-08-17 ]
    One has to choose between a private party and a car dealership while buying a used car. Some people believe that private parties sell used cars at a better price compared to a dealer.... Read More...
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