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Alternative Medicine For Asthma

Bronchodilators are among the fastest selling drugs in the global healthcare market. Now that won't come as a surprise considering the rate of prevalence for asthma. Today, over 300 million people worldwide suffer from this chronic respiratory disease and in the United States alone, expenses for asthma medications reached more than $6 million in 2007. Meanwhile, clinical studies have confirmed the risks pertinent to the extended use of long-acting bronchodilators, which include increased hospitalization and asthma-related deaths among asthma patients.

Now of course there is other alternative medicine for asthma available but I know if you give these a try you should feel better. Don't ignore the recommendations of your doctor though,Herbs and Supplements have long been used as alternative medicine for asthma. Butter bur is said to be effective but unfortunately has a list of side effects too including being unsafe for use by pregnant women and those who have liver and kidney disorders. Indians have used garlic, honey, turmeric, gooseberry, linseed and many other herbs in treating asthma patients.

Some recommended alternative medicines for asthma are ginkgo biloba, Tylophora Indica, Solanum xanthocarpum and Solanum trilobatum. These herbs and medicines have been used for centuries in Asia as effective alternative medicine for asthma.

Micronutra alternative herbal medicine made by real Doctors has led the way in producing high quality herbal products to help reverse many known chronic diseases. Many people with long term chronic illnesses have been using Micronutra herbal products with amazing results.Some studies have concluded that this type of biofeedback treatment not only reduced the symptoms of asthma but also brought down lung inflammation and resistance to normal breathing.

Herbal asthma aid is a natural product that is formulated with the medicinal herbs which is one of the most effective natural asthma remedies. Garlic, ginger and mustard are said to prevent the accumulation of mucus in the lungs and hence these are taken as natural asthma remedies.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition that results in wheeziness and breathing difficulties. The air tubes in the lungs become extremely sensitive, and irritants, such as pollen, house dust, mites, animal fur, cold air, exercise, and emotional upset, can all trigger an attack.Some asthma patients, who take cortisone medicines for their asthma also use licorice root to make the side effects of their medicine disappear.

While many medical practitioners doubt the ability of herbs to help with asthma, there are some alternative medicines that have been used in Asia for centuries. Among the herbs that have been used to treat asthma include ginkgo biloba.Alternative medicine is proven every day in the clinical experience of physicians and patients. It was proven ten years ago and will remain proven ten years from now.

Honey: Honey is also one of the more popular asthma home remedies that you can count on during times of crisis. Holding a jug of honey under the nose and inhaling the aroma that rises from it can relieve or minimize asthma symptoms for an hour or so, while waiting for further medical assistance to arrive.
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  Mr. Steve Austin
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