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Admire The Classical Dance Form Of South India

The southern zone of India is one of the richest territories that have some magical places and rich cultures associated with it. This region is known as one of the marvelous destination Indian tourism. Fun, adventure and dance are the inseparable part of celebration. Here, is dance is the most ancient and highly admired art form of India. It typically shows the vibrant side of the life. Though, the diversity of southern zone is extended by the distinctive culture, which has its roots associated with the old Dravidian culture.

To explore the most ancient dance form of South India, let’s look into the rich institution of Indian traditional and classical dance form. The classical dance forms are the key element that keeps the Indian culture alive. It has its own elegance and grace that are embellished by the pre-set patterns of dominantly colorful costumes & make-up. This entire attributes adds more charms and elegance in the entire dance form. Out of many classical dance styles of south India, here we have the 5 prominent dance forms of south that are globally acclaimed. The very first dance form is Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam and Kuchipudi. The dance styles of south India reveals the soul, emotions, creativity, colors and positivity in it that ultimately inspires the onlooker.

The very first classical dance form is Bharatanatyam. It is a pure classical dance that is derived from ancient dance forms. This dance form is accompanied by the classical Carnatic music. The authentic dance moves of Bharatanatyam is a treat for eyes they look same as flame.
Second name is Kathakali, one of the most famous dance forms of South India. It’s a rich cultural representation with a profound facial make-up, colorful attires and various designed ornaments. They facial expression is the dominant part of the dance style. Kathakali showcases the music, painting, acting, dance and beauty of literature. The basic theme of this dance form depicts the both the Hindu Holy Scriptures of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Third is Mohiniyattam, a classic dance form that is regarded as the most graceful dance. This dance form is only performed by female as a solo recital. The term Mohiniyattam inherits from the word of “Mohini” that means, a woman who charms onlookers towards her with her powerful expressions. And the word “aattam” says the elegance, grace and sensuous body movements that lure everyone.

Fourth is Theyyam, this dance form is even renowned as as Kaliyattom. This dance form is associated with ritualistic folk dance of North Kerala (India). The basic root of this art form is in divine and is methodically conceded to ensure the safety and well being of everyone from families to community till entire humankind.
Fifth is Kuchipudi, this dance form is even called as ‘Koochipoodi”. It’s a major south Indian dance style. The actions are quicksilver and sparkling, rounded and fleet-footed. The devotion and dedication of the performers reflects in the moves they perform during the dance. Kuchipudi dance style is performed with heart and soul that can be easily seen on the faces of dancers.
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  Published Date - October 3 2013
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  Aman Pathak
At last, the entire dancing types of south India demonstrate the creativeness, colors and positivity that motivates Native Indian dances to succeed in its own conditional.
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